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The Inner Edge

Leadership: it’s not just for corner offices anymore. In a time of choice and change, your success as a leader depends on your ability to lead yourself. In The Inner Edge, Jay coaches leaders in the strategies of personal leadership – what management expert Peter Drucker once called “the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century.” The Inner Edge offers ten practices of personal leadership, showing leaders to improve their effectiveness while sustaining a sense of professional well-being. The Inner Edge shows readers that leadership is not just a label; it is a way of life. Read more.


Personal Leadership Articles

Your Inner View: 3 Steps to Clarity
(February, 2013)

Rising Above the Glass Ceiling
T+D Magazine (January, 2013)

Stopportunities for Sustaininable Success
President & CEO (November, 2012)

Your Leadership DNA
Personal Excellence (August, 2012)

Learning By Chance, Learning By Choice
Carolina Business (July, 2012)

Success Without Sacrifice:  Change Your Way Of Thinking
Insurance & Financial Advisor (March 2012)

Getting Clarity On Your Vision: An Interview With Patrick Byrne
March 2012

The CATA List – Taking Effective Action
Personal Excellence (December 2011)

Let It Be Easy!
(November 2011)

Preparing For the Talent Exodus Ahead
Leader to Leader (Fall 2011)

Quality Feedback:  The Key To Effective Leadership
The Journal for Quality and Participation (October 2011)

Goal Getters
Personal Excellence (October 2011)

The Five Ways Leaders Lose Their Edge
Executive Edge Magazine (September 2011)

The High Achievers Guide to Getting Things Done
The Industry Source (July 2011)

How To Get The Feedback You Don’t Want To Hear (But Really Need To Know)
Bonkers About Business (Spring/Summer 2011)

Build a Dream Team
Sales and Service Excellence (April 2011)

Create a Mastermind Group
Inland Empire Business Journal (February 2011)

Increased Work Load
Affluent (February 2011)

Stop Making Mistakes
Sales and Service Excellence (October 2010)

Motivate Yourself
Strategize (Summer 2010)

Keep Your Sanity
Performance and Profits (May 2010)

Maximize Your Time: Achieve More with Less
Recharger (April 2010)

What’s Your Personal Leadership IQ?
Supervision (March 2010)

Is Your Leadership Strong Enough?
Affluent Magazine (December 2009)

A 360-Degree Dose of Self-Improvement
CEO IQ (October 2009)

How Not to Lose Your Edge
Strategize Magazine (September 2009)

Five Ways Leaders Lose Their Edge
Leadership Excellence (August 2009)

I Have an iPhone but Not an Agenda
CEO IQ (October 2007)

Five C’s for CEOs
Nevada Business Journal (November 2006)

Three Steps to Stronger Leadership
National Management Association (September 2006)

High Achievers: What Every CEO Should Know about Retaining High Performance
CEO IQ (August 2006)

Listening for Leaders
CEO IQ (April 2006)

Sit Down and Talk: 6 Steps for Productive Communication
National Human Resources Association (January 2006)

On Communicating Well – 5 Strategies to Enhance Your Communication Skills
HR Magazine (January 2005)

Staying Great with Executive Coaching
Nevada Business Journal (January 2004)