The Inner Edge

Leadership: it's not just for corner offices anymore.

In a time of choice and change, your success as a leader depends on your ability to lead yourself. In The Inner Edge, Jay coaches leaders in the strategies of personal leadership – what management expert Peter Drucker once called "the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century."

The Inner Edge offers 10 practices of personal leadership, showing leaders how the same skills they use to lead their companies are the ones they need to lead themselves. In this book, executive coach Dr. Joelle Jay, Ph.D. shows leaders how to improve their effectiveness while sustaining the sense of professional well-being needed to excel.

Drawing on her experience with top executives in some of America’s most respected companies, Jay presents a set of practices or strategies to inspire leaders who aspire to greatness. Through her vivid examples of real leaders, insightful perspectives on leadership and thought-provoking questions and exercises, Jay helps leaders achieve professional success while enhancing the quality of life that keeps them at their best.

The Inner Edge shows readers that leadership is not just a label. It is a way of life.


Although books about leadership abound, The Inner Edge is one of the few that focuses squarely on the leaders themselves. This is surprising given that the results of a leader depend largely on that leader’s clarity, engagement and sustainability. Leaders must not only concern themselves with the vision and achievements of their organizations, they must prioritize their own needs to be able to make their most valuable contribution. With her insider’s knowledge of what leaders need to thrive, drawn from the experience with hundreds of leaders from America’s most successful, most admired companies, executive coach Dr. Joelle Jay, Ph.D. provides fresh insights into the experience of being a leader.

Dr. Jay poses thought-provoking questions that help leaders develop their effectiveness and sense of well-being. For example, she asks leaders: What do you want, and where do you need to focus your attention to get it? What actions will be the catalyst for change? What strengths do you need to draw on to be your best as a leader, and what contributions do you want to make? How can you maximize your time to do more with less? Who will support you? What do you most need to know? How can you stop chasing opportunity and instead invite opportunity to come to you? And finally, how do you move from excellent to extraordinary? The leaders who share their experiences in this book are some of the most celebrated and accomplished influentials in business today.

The Inner Edge will be an essential resource for leaders in understanding not just how to get results for their organizations, but how to do so in a way that capitalizes on their own unique identity as a manager. The book's wealth of information will help business leaders, executive coaches and human resource executives understand what each needs to truly excel in leadership and life.

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