The Seven Shortcuts for Maximizing Your Time A Self-Assessment

A Self-Assessment

This survey will give you a sense of where you struggle most with time and where you have a few things figured out. Ask yourself, to what extent do I agree with each statement? Mark the corresponding number and give yourself an average score. Be sure to actually mark up your survey so you can revisit it later. A blank survey is available on the website,, for you to download anytime. Check in again every six to eight weeks. Is your score improving?

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1=Strongly Disagree, 5=Agree, 10=Strongly Agree

1. I believe I can be successful and productive without feeling stressed and pressured.
    1 10

2. I live my life to make the most of my happiness, well-being, and the ones I love.
    1 10

3. I know I have plenty of time, and I always will. Everything always gets done.
    1 10


4. I know exactly how I want to spend my time and I can prove it with my calendar.
    1 10

5. I avoid multi-tasking.
    1 10

6. I have a healthy relationship with technology – I use it well (but I am not addicted).
    1 10

Questions for Reflection

7. What are your biggest challenges around TIME? Be as specific as possible! br />

8. How do you WANT to use your time?

9. What’s your number one most important question about how to maximize your time?

10. What is/are your favorite quick tricks for saving time?