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The individual worksheets from The Inner Edge are available here in a digital interactive format. You will find almost all of the worksheets from the book, plus a synopsis of every chapter and bonus material.

For your convenience, all worksheets and bonuses have been combined into one complete set in a downloadable PDF called The Workbook , available for $15.95. To purchase the Workbook, please click here .

Additional bonus Chapters, new strategies, and extras for Inner Edge readers are also available in the eBook called The Extension , available for $18.95. To purchase The Extension, please click here .

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The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership [Bonus]

The Inner Edge

The First Practice

The Second Practice

The Third Practice

The Fourth Practice

The Fifth Practice

The Sixth Practice

The Seventh Practice

The Eighth Practice

The Ninth Practice

The Tenth Practice

Leading on the Edge

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