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We believe in the power of synergy. You will go further faster than you can on your own when you work with a coach to support your growth. If you want a short shot of personalized attention to get quickly focused, make decisions and choose the action items that will propel you forward, choose one of our Personal Practice Packages, which include 25 minutes of coaching, ongoing email support, and a follow up call for accountability and next steps for $99. These include:

  • Coaching for Clarity
  • Coaching for Focus
  • Coaching for Action
  • Coaching for Brilliance
  • Coaching for Fulfillment
  • Coaching for Time
  • Coaching for Team
  • Coaching for Learning
  • Coaching for Possibility
  • Coaching for Alignment/Integration

Customized Coaching

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Ongoing, customized coaching helps leaders leverage their talents to achieve top performance and business results. When you work with a coach to design personal strategies for your unique goals, challenges, and outcomes, you gain an exceptional advantage. As a result of customized coaching, you are able to sustain the effectiveness and sense of professional well-being that keep you at your best.