“Joelle has an engaging style. She keeps things interesting and moves at an invigorating pace while leaving plenty of “breathing space” to reflect on the material and ask questions. The workshop was practical and helpful. Very beneficial!”

Mary Elizabeth Jones
Director of Talent Development


“Joelle’s presentation offered an excellent balance of teaching and team interaction. She created a comfortable atmosphere so everyone could get involved. It was a very interesting workshop – something I will use daily.”

Trent Barnes
General Manager

Society for Human Resource Management

“Joelle speaks well, presents the materials with expertise, and cites examples that support her topics. Plus she’s interesting and fun to listen to! The workshop flowed well and focused on strengthening leadership skills with a more caring leadership style.”

Shayleen Johnson
Chapter President

American Society for Training and Development

“Outstanding! I liked the group environment and interaction involved in this presentation. Joelle’s coaching during the guided activities provided just enough “push” to help us stretch into some very novel insights.”

Tae Kei Sun
Chapter President

American Heart Association

“I could watch Joelle all day! I’m a speaker too, and I know a good talk when I see one! Many of the people at my table were deeply touched by the last exercise, myself included.”

Bennie MacMillan

National Association of Financial and Insurance Advisors

“Thank you for the great work you are doing. You make a huge difference in people’s lives.”

Frank Grenich
Chapter President

Alta Bates Summit Foundation

“This was one of the best and most worthwhile presentations on personal growth I have heard. Our entire staff benefited from it.”

Steve Lundin
President & CEO

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

“Your presentation yesterday was very popular. I had a member make a special call to me yesterday just to tell me how much she had enjoyed this session. The audience was so enthusiastic about all of your speaking points. Your message is an important one…we’re truly all leaders, even if we’re not in traditional leadership roles, and – with the proper guidance – we all have the aptitude to serve as leaders to our personal and professional associates. Again, Joelle, thank you for providing one of our most successful Business Education Series sessions.”

Linda Garceau
Conference Organizer

Program University of Nevada

“Joelle’s presentation is top-notch and high-class. I have been to many leadership seminars, but this was really a gem. Joelle was extremely well organized and conducted herself with extreme professionalism. Thanks for a great experience!”

Sam Insbrook

Franklin Covey Corporation

“Joelle’s talk put a positive spin on life. I learned and confirmed more of my own strengths, as well as how to focus on others’ strengths to meet the company’s goals.”

Lisa Dartmouth