Advancing Executive Women: 5 Steps to a More Profitable, Competitive and Effective Organization

Companies with more women are more profitable (18-69%), more competitive (25%) and reflect the market (83%). Yet after $8 billion in annual Fortune 500 spending on diversity initiatives, 85% of the leaders in most fields are still men.  Women report being subject to unsustainable pressure that makes them less and less happy – tempted to give up or opt out.

In this presentation, Joelle show how organizations can leverage the other half of the talent pool for remarkable results. She covers:

  • The breathtaking truth about the billions of dollars corporate America is wasting on ineffective diversity initiatives
  • The specific challenges keeping women from reaching their full potential (many of which are hidden and generally overlooked)
  • The most effective way for companies to get more talented women at the highest levels of the organization
  • Five critical ingredients needed for women to excel in leadership positions
  • Hard numbers about the surprising argument for leadership development.

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Getting an Edge: Using Personal Leadership to Be a Better Leader…and Lead a Better Life

High achievers face demands that cannot be met without extraordinary performance. But extraordinary performance doesn’t just come from working extra hard. It depends on the ability of individual leaders to lead themselves. We call it personal leadership.

Personal leadership is the key to leaders getting what they want from their professional and personal lives – while at the same time benefitting their companies with extraordinary results, like increasing productivity by as much as 45%, overachieving their sales goals by 125%-400%, and being elevated into the top 5% of their organization.

Based on her book, The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership, in this presentation leading expert and executive coach to top leaders, Joelle Jay, Ph.D., outlines Ten Practices of Personal Leadership. Her breakthrough approach to leadership shows her audiences why renowned management expert Peter Drucker once called personal leadership “the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century.”

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Maximize Your Time: 7 Shortcuts for Doing More with Less

Do you feel constantly strapped for time and that you never, ever have enough? Struggle to fit everything in, feel controlled by your schedule, and often find there’s time for everyone but yourself?

What if you could stretch each minute, each hour until you had all the time you need… so you can exceed everyone’s expectations, including your own? One of the secrets to your success is mastering your most precious resource: time.

In this presentation, Joelle shares:

  • 7 shortcuts for achieving more with less
  • How to save time, spend time, find time, create time and free time so you can get more of the time you need for what matters most
  • Strategies to help you transform your thinking around time so you can spend your time in the way that’s most important to you.
  • Practical ways to make your work day shorter and more efficient, while still maintaining your high standards for results
  • How to lower your stress and enjoy your work more, as well as the rest of your life.

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Leading with Your Strengths: Leveraging Your Talents to Be a Better Leader

When you learn to lead with your strengths, you become the best possible leader you can be while inspiring others to do the same. Joelle’s presentation, Leading with Your Strengths, draws on decades of research by the Gallup organization that has been popularized by the books Now Discover Your Strengths and StrengthsFinder 2.0. It is based on the strengths movement that has gained viral popularity in the business world for its power to engage, motivate and empower leaders.

Joelle’s presentation, Leading with Your Strengths: Leveraging Your Talents to be a Better Leader, inspires audiences with its positive message of personal potential. With humor, examples and an intuitive grasp of the philosophy, Dr.Jay is able to convey the principles and practices of strengths–based leadership so that her audiences leave the presentation with a new perspective about what’s possible. This program shows audiences why, when you lead with your strengths, you naturally excel

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