Joelle’s experience and research has given her valuable insight into what it means to be a successful leader.

Maximizing Potential

Every leader is a masterpiece. Joelle’s customized approach to leadership builds upon an individual leader’s knowledge, strengths, skills and intentions to improve performance and expand capacity. Dr. Jay’s goal is to maximize the potential of leaders to make an impact on an organization’s results and its people. Effective leadership is not just about what leaders do but who they are, what they care about and what they contribute.

Performance & A Personal Approach

Dr. Jay's approach is performance-oriented and focused on results, and is yet profoundly personal. She helps leaders:

  • Clarify a vision for leadership that supports the organizational mission
  • Find and focus on critical priorities
  • Optimize leadership talent, teams and time
  • Leverage strengths to grow and expand potential
  • Develop a sense of contribution, purpose and meaning
  • Design strategies to improve efficiency, productivity and alignment
  • Integrate a leader’s personal needs, goals and attributes within his or her roles to take full advantage of opportunities to exceed expectations, strengthen performance and make a positive, powerful impact.

Effectiveness & Well-Being

A strategic approach to leadership must take into account both the organization’s business strategy and the well being of its leaders. Joelle helps to ensure that her clients succeed in their individual roles as well as contributing in a meaningful way to the success of the organization overall. Joelle helps leaders focus on what is really critical to them so that they can meet targets for the mission, people and organizations for whom they work.

The Inner & Outer Edge

Leaders must do more than just improve the bottom line. In order to excel in their roles and results, leaders must attend to their own needs, style, strategy and goals to be successful. Joelle integrates the personal and professional sides of leadership – the “inner” and the "outer" edges – to help leaders find naturally motivating ways of engaging with their work and finding fulfillment in a business environment that often overlooks the person behind the profits.

Respect & Appreciation

Organizations must view their leaders with respect and an appreciation for the challenges of effective leadership. Joelle works with senior leaders and leadership teams to develop executive leadership development programs that support leaders, improve capacity and raise performance.

Leading Oneself

Too often leaders are unaware of the need to lead themselves in order to lead their organizations. Joelle works with leaders to guide the introspection necessary to strategically design a powerful approach to their work. She combines best practices in leadership with the customized strategies of learning, development and executive coaching to make each leader’s processes personally powerful. The results are impressive, as leaders become role models of inspired achievement.

Leadership as a Practice

Leadership is more than a set of skills. It is a process, a practice and a principle. Dr. Jay works with leaders to understand their inherent possibilities for themselves, their organizations and their results when they learn to leverage the opportunities for their own personal leadership.

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