International Game Technology (IGT)

“I have been a client of Joelle Jay for over seven years. I hired Joelle to help me focus on team dynamics within my work group. She is a professional who is available whenever her clients need her, even for a busy executive with a full schedule. She stays focused on her clients’ primary objectives over time, so that goals are achieved. Coaching is an emotional and financial investment, and one of the best ways I have seen leadership supported at the highest levels.”

Maureen Mullarkey
Chief Financial Officer


“Coaching has made me more efficient. I get more work done, and the work I do is better. I pay better attention to detail, I have better focus, and I’m more organized. At times, Joelle has asked me to explore what I’ve done well so that I might unpack these successes and draw from them as I plan future activities and strive for “authentic leadership.” Coaching provided me the clarity I needed to be a better leader.”

Kim Quinn
Senior Vice President

Wells Fargo

“Coaching helped me to “hold steady” during a very turbulent time – a remarkable accomplishment given the new responsibilities, change, and stress I was experiencing! The coaching model was new to me, but it helped me learn to help other people find their own answers instead of having me solve their problems…and that also took a load off of me. I’m a much stronger leader now than I once was.”

Nicolas Zanini
President and Manager


“Coaching is so valuable to professionals who don’t have time to slow down! It forces you to stop and reflect on what you’re doing. It gives you a chance to focus on what’s most important to you and to be sure you’re going in the right direction. My time with Joelle has been fun and invigorating while she helped me rise to the challenge of my new position. My success would have taken longer without her!”

Rochelle Rodriguez

University of Washington

“Joelle’s enthusiasm in our partnership encouraged me to continuously reframe my challenges in the positive. I recommend her as a coach!”

Dr. Martin Westerman
Foster School of Business

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development

“Leadership coaching with Joelle helped me to clarify my purpose as a leader. Joelle is a natural when it comes to coaching. She is warm, inspiring and not afraid to ask tough questions. I recommend her highly.”

Marie Capurro

Washington Initiative for National Board Teacher Certification

“Joelle’s thorough examination of our issues and thoughtful suggestions about possible solutions helped make our process more responsive and successful.”

J. Harmon