Bristol Myers-Squibb

“Joelle exemplifies the next generation of coaches who aspire to build leaders founded upon a platform of integrity and altruism, sustained by a desire to make a difference and create a lasting good. She makes great connections, is deeply reflective and uniquely focused on the needs of her clients. Every session is carefully planned and takes one on another step on a journey to higher performance and next level leadership. Joelle combines her extensive insights from her novel research with a genuine desire to address the needs of every client to create a focused and valuable program that ensures higher performance and personal reward.”

Annalisa Jenkins
Senior Vice President, Global Medical


“As a coach, Joelle is highly relevant and valuable. She has my highest recommendation!”

Chris Anderson


“When I was preparing for a major promotion, Joelle helped me approach the situation with a good deal more calm and clarity than I would have on my own. Joelle stands out as an exemplary coach.”

Jordan Lawrence Talbot


“Joelle’s coaching has been invaluable to me and would be impactful for individuals across career and life stages. The opportunity to have a conversation with a thoughtful listener who can provide an objective lens to help me think through my options was extremely valuable and timely. In addition, Joelle’s framework and the direction she provides offers a tangible roadmap from to short term objectives and long term solutions.”

Kameron Penske

Morgan Stanley

“The economic crisis was a challenging time for me. Joelle helped me stay calm and centered in the middle of a firestorm. With her guidance and support, I was able to maintain my focus and climb to higher ground. As a result, I and my team emerged stronger than ever.”

Annika Marsk
Financial Advisor

New York Life

“How do I take myself to a new higher position? How do I take my game within my position to a higher level? Who do I trust enough? What are my measures of success? How do I remain authentic and true to myself while achieving my goals? These are the questions I brought to coaching. I have high aspirations! Joelle held me accountable with steps and actions to move me forward.”

Tara Jacobi
Global Vice President

Merrill Lynch

“As high level executives, with all of our leadership responsibilities, how can we find the direct path to legitimate, intense self-examination and improvement? This is where Pillar Consulting comes in! With Joelle interpreting the ‘mirror’ of ourselves at very close range, we have the unique opportunity to find objectivity, and with that comes dramatically enhanced performance.”

Saly Glassman
financial advisor and one of Barron’s 100 Best Brokers

Wilshire Associates

“Joelle is highly skilled at quickly identifying the issues which may be impediments to personal and professional growth. But more importantly, she provides the necessary guidance for developing and implementing a plan to successfully address these issues.”

Eileen L. Neill
CFA, Managing Director

MGM Mirage

“We truly appreciate our relationship with Joelle and thank her for her support and commitment to our team. Executive coaching has helped our leaders increase their effectiveness and reach a higher potential. Working with Joelle, they have enhanced their personal and professional development and become more effective in their leadership roles. In turn, they positively impact the organization by influencing those around them. Joelle has a remarkable ability to understand individuals’ needs and help them approach problems differently, become enlightened on possible solutions, and overcome obstacles.”

Cynthia Kiser Murphey
Senior Vice President, Human Resources


“Joelle’s coaching was invaluable. It was helpful to have another perspective on what the different issues I was facing meant, and what to do about them. Joelle gave me encouragement and techniques for addressing the problems. With Joelle’s coaching, you always leave with something practical and develop a plan that is actionable, realistic, and even measurable.”

Wyn Porte-Tremaine
Executive Vice President