The impact of coaching is evaluated with respect to the goals set at the beginning of the process.

  • Can a leader evidence change and confidence in the key areas that are the focus of the coaching?
  • Can his or her superiors, direct reports and colleagues recognize the difference?
  • Is the leader influencing business results, team dynamics, and other aspects of leadership more effectively?
  • Does the leader see and feel an impact in the areas that matter most?
  • Has the leader learned skills and strategies to attain and sustain optimal performance?
  • Has he or she met established goals?

Such questions can be effectively assessed with clear, concrete measures of what will count as success.

A Strategic Advantage

Joelle recognizes the personal investment that is required for a leader to be truly effective. Leadership is not just a set of skills. It’s not just good judgment or informed decisions. Leadership is being able to compel people by example to bring out the best in themselves in the service of an inspirational vision. Leaders can’t do that if they’re frenzied, exhausted, burned out, or too busy to be thoughtful about what they’re doing and why. To be effective, leaders need to spend time on their “inner edge,” thinking about who they are as leaders, what they bring to the role, what they want to achieve within that role, and how they want to go about it in a way that is not only strategic, but also engaging, motivating and fulfilling.

A Commitment to Leadership

The key difference experienced by leaders while working with Joelle is her devotion to the success of the leaders who are her clients. Dr. Jay is always cognizant of the results with which she’s been charged. She recognizes and values the expectation of real, tangible, observed business results. But she and her clients attain those results in a way that takes into account all that they are and all that they bring to their roles as leaders. Joelle honors her clients’ personal and professional lives, their goals as well as their gifts, their struggles along with their successes. Joelle believes it's the leaders' job to make sure their organization are successful. It's her job to make sure the leaders are successful in the way that matters most to them.

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