3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get The Promotion You Want

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get The Promotion You Want

PDF When it comes to getting your next promotion, would you step back and wait for it to be served on a silver platter, or are you the person to take ownership yourself and ask for it? You can be in control of getting exactly what you want, you can … Read More »

Stressed business man covering face with hands in office. Working over time or too much. Problem with failing business or confusion with crisis. Entrepreneur in bankruptcy. Burnout and overwork.

How To Avoid Burnout This Summer: Know Your 3 Zones

PDF In order to be your best - hitting your targets, meeting your goals, creating the vision you want for your life - you need to be able to stretch yourself just enough so that you are moving forward with enthusiasm and momentum. As always, though, balance … Read More »

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The Executive Comeback: How to Put Back the Shine In Your Star

PDF A client of mine and I recently had a long talk about how scary it can be when, for some reason, you’re losing favor at work – or, as she put it, “when the shine is off your star.” We thought of several situations where we’d seen it … Read More »