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Joelle is a columnist for Inc. magazine. Her articles appear regularly in her column, “Behind the Desk.”

How To Organize Your Life, Do Less and Have More Time

Many of us have an action plan, or to-do list, to keep ourselves organized - at the beginning of the day we write down everything that we have to do, and then the day is filled with the victorious crossing off of items from the list. But what happens when you get to the end of the day, and too often there are lot of things left? Read More



If you are looking to be more effective and intentional with your time, and, ultimately, elevate yourself to a higher level of leadership, you are probably discovering that the delegation is becoming essential.

Delegating tasks on your endless to-do … Read More

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How to Network to Grow Your Business

Mastering the art of networking is one thing – but using it to grow your business is a whole other level. So may books and articles have been written on how to network effectively, and if you want it, you can access a lifetime’s worth of advice on how to connect with others. But although connecting with people is certainly a nice thing to do, at some point it can feel futile. There are only so many names you can collect; only so many events to attend. Read More

How NOT to Fail at Networking

At an event recently, a businessman walked up to me with his business card in hand. He smiled and winked, handed me his card, and delivered his slick elevator pitch in one clearly practiced motion. I thought, “Ick.”  My next thought was, “Yikes – I hope when I introduce myself at a networking event, people don’t think, “Ick!” The Ick Factor in networking is directly related to one avoidable thing: insincerity. To the businessman winking his way over to me, I seemed like a “prospect.” Certainly his approach made me feel like one. I was a target, and getting me to take some kind of action to his benefit was seemingly the goal. Read More

How To Stop The Busy-Ness

Do you ever feel exhausted by all the things you have to do? Being busy “doing” burns us out, it scatters our brains, and ultimately it keeps us from being productive because we are simply too exhausted to focus. An alternative to “doing” is to practice “not doing.” Practicing not doing is about stopping the busy-ness - putting it down, taking a break, getting focused and choosing a new path. Read More

Why You Need To Stop Over-apologizing In The Workplace

  • "I’m sorry I’m late!" 
  • "I’m so sorry to ask you for this."
  • "I’m sorry I’m not as prepared as I would like to be."

How many times have you started a sentence with an apology?

For some people, it’s multiple times a day – often without even noticing. Unconsciously, those of us who over-apologize can be weakening our power. Becoming more aware of what for many has simply become a habit can help them gain a more influential communication style, a stronger executive presence, and more respect from the people around us.

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Email Hacks You Can Master In Minutes

Have you ever sent an email and not gotten the response you wanted? Maybe you got a negative response – something you intend to have happened. Or maybe you got no response at all. Sometimes when we communicate via email, the intent we have doesn’t match the impact we make.

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The Art of Uni-Tasking, And Why You Need to Master It This Year

As an executive coach, I often work within large corporate settings, where there are lots of busy people trying to get a lot of things done. I know you know how that feels – the endless meetings and email chains, the list of “to-do’s” that seem to multiply faster than you can keep up with.

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Master The Art of Saying No: 10 Effective Ways to Say No

Women are famous for loading up our workload, especially in the beginning of the year when we see an endless stream of possibilities in front of us, and want to start off the new year coming from a place of yes. The reason why we end up taking on so much if often because we don't know how to say no.

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Reaching Your Goals Through Affirmative Messages

We know language is very powerful – but what about the language we use with ourselves? You can harness the power of language to change your thinking and change your life.

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