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Joelle is a columnist for Inc. magazine. Her articles appear regularly in her column, “Behind the Desk.”

Email Hacks You Can Master In Minutes

Have you ever sent an email and not gotten the response you wanted? Maybe you got a negative response – something you intend to have happened. Or maybe you got no response at all. Sometimes when we communicate via email, the intent we have doesn’t match the impact we make.

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The Art of Uni-Tasking, And Why You Need to Master It This Year

As an executive coach, I often work within large corporate settings, where there are lots of busy people trying to get a lot of things done. I know you know how that feels – the endless meetings and email chains, the list of “to-do’s” that seem to multiply faster than you can keep up with.

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Master The Art of Saying No: 10 Effective Ways to Say No

Women are famous for loading up our workload, especially in the beginning of the year when we see an endless stream of possibilities in front of us, and want to start off the new year coming from a place of yes. The reason why we end up taking on so much if often because we don't know how to say no.

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Reaching Your Goals Through Affirmative Messages

We know language is very powerful – but what about the language we use with ourselves? You can harness the power of language to change your thinking and change your life.

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How To Simplify, Simply: Cut Your Number Of Decisions

I remember one time I read a book called Simplify your Life, I almost laughed out loud - who knew “simplifying” could be so complex! Nevertheless, over time I developed my own (hopefully simpler) ways to simplify your life. I’ll share one of them today: look for repeatable patterns. Read More

Organize Your Life: How To Do Less And Have More Time

Many of us try to keep ourselves organized by creating an action plan or a to-do list. At the beginning of the day, you write down everything that you have to do, and then you spend your day ticking items off the list. Read More

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get The Promotion You Want

When it comes to getting your next promotion, would you step back and wait for it to be served on a silver platter, or are you the person to take ownership yourself and ask for it? You can be in control of getting exactly what you want, you can redefine success so that it captures all of the benefits that are important to you, including a promotion, or maybe more money, more respect, more control. Read More

How To Avoid Burnout This Summer: Know Your 3 Zones

In order to be your best - hitting your targets, meeting your goals, creating the vision you want for your life - you need to be able to stretch yourself just enough so that you are moving forward with enthusiasm and momentum. As always, though, balance is key: Too much stretch and you might stress yourself out, too little stretch and you might not be challenging yourself enough. Read More

Break Through the Bias: Raising Awareness of Gender Bias in your Organization

With the #MeToo movement sweeping the nation, women are exposing a daily reality that until now has been either hidden or ignored: Women are affected by bias at every level of an organization. They may not always recognize it, address it or respond to Read More

The Key To Purposeful Networking

I recently attended the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 10th Annual Women of Influence event – an evening I was excited about and pleased to be a part of. When one of my clients asked me where I was going that evening, I heard myself saying I Read More