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Joelle is a columnist for Inc. magazine. Her articles appear regularly in her column, “Behind the Desk.”

How To Avoid Burnout This Summer: Know Your 3 Zones

PDF In order to be your best - hitting your targets, meeting your goals, creating the vision you want for your life - you need to be able to stretch yourself just enough so that you are moving forward with enthusiasm and momentum. As always, though, balance … Read More »

Break Through the Bias: Raising Awareness of Gender Bias in your Organization

PDF With the #MeToo movement sweeping the nation, women are exposing a daily reality that until now has been either hidden or ignored: Women are affected by bias at every level of an organization. They may not always recognize it, address it or respond to … Read More »

The Key To Purposeful Networking

PDF I recently attended the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 10th Annual Women of Influence event – an evening I was excited about and pleased to be a part of. When one of my clients asked me where I was going that evening, I heard myself saying I … Read More »

The Executive Comeback: How to Put Back the Shine In Your Star

PDF A client of mine and I recently had a long talk about how scary it can be when, for some reason, you’re losing favor at work – or, as she put it, “when the shine is off your star.” We thought of several situations where we’d seen it … Read More »