7 Steps to Getting the Feedback that will Maximize Your Talent, Improve Your Effectiveness and Increase Your Results

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Management expert and author of The One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard once called feedback “the breakfast of champions.” If you truly want to take leadership of your own excellence, you can’t just rely on annual evaluations and the occasional 360-degree profile and expect to have all the answers you need for life. You need feedback all the time. The best way to do this is to learn how to do a 360 on yourself. When you seek feedback as consistently and courageously as you can, you’re likely to become the strongest leader you know.



The 360 Investment Extension: For Coaches

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Executive coaches are often charged with the powerful task of helping generate feedback for leaders. Yet they have rarely had extensive training in how to do this well. As a result, few coaches are able to deliver feedback that truly matters, and even less are able to develop this side of their business to enhance their value as a coach. The 360 Investment Extension for Coaches gives coaches the tools they need to structure and deliver high quality feedback in a way that helps them serve their clients better and grow their business at the same time.