3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get The Promotion You Want


When it comes to getting your next promotion, would you step back and wait for it to be served on a silver platter, or are you the person to take ownership yourself and ask for it?

You can be in control of getting exactly what you want, you can redefine success so that it captures all of the benefits that are important to you, including a promotion, or maybe more money, more respect, more control.

Success means different things to different people. Before you move forward towards advancement, be clear on how you want to attain your aspirations. While you are thinking about your success and promotion, don’t forget to think about what else matters to you. Don’t get tunnel vision with your advancement – keep your priorities in mind for other areas in your life as well, whether it’s family priorities, personal health and wellbeing priorities and beyond. We are always happier when we have balance in our lives.

Always remember: you have leverage and latitude to create the life you want. For example, some people want flexibility in their lives. Getting a promotion might mean getting a role with more flexibility – it doesn’t always have to be about the title itself. Maybe you want more opportunity, so getting promoted might mean more “bigger and better” opportunities. Maybe promotion for you means visibility, having a more visible role.

All of these are ways that different people define success for themselves. So, what does advancement mean to you?

Start by asking these three questions as your initial steps toward getting the promotion you truly desire – you can advance as high and as fast as you want, as you define it:

  • What does advancement mean to you, how do you define success for yourself?
  • What will determine the result?
  • What are the first few benchmark goals that will lead to that outcome?

Expand your sites to a broader definition of advancement. This will open up new ideas about how you can get that promotion rather than waiting around for it to happen to you. Be clear about what you want, prepare for it, expect a positive outcome and persist.

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